About Us

About Us



iWood Eco Design is an initiative of the power trio Enrique Bedana, Marco Apostol, and also Ben SaPaolo. They are the trio who are known to come up with the best brands ever since time immemorial. They are the instigator of change and they are always the first to come up with innovative designs that will change the fashion world.

These three have been together as friends ever since senior high. From that time, they have already known that they will put up a business in the future. This is the reason why they save as their life depends on it whenever they have the chance. Going on a different path for them is simply not acceptable. In fact, not once did they veer away from going after their dream. They are very persistent and have even come up with designs even before the company has started.

Why eyewear if you may ask? Why not other fashionable items and even accessories? The answer is simple. This is because they believe that eyewear has the power to influence the OOTDs of the people. They believe that with the right eyewear, you can easily change from casual to formal in just a blink of an eye. So far, so good. This is because indeed, their eyewear has the capability to transform your choice of fashion.

Now, these three are now looking to transform not just fashion but the world with their innovative idea of using environmental-friendly materials in their eyewear. According to them, it is already time to raise awareness and that is with the help of their innovative glasses.

Let us help the world heal. Let us help create a brighter future for the next generation by initiating a change. Be one of us as we create a statement that can change the world for the better.