2222 West Louisville

2222 West Louisville

“Each piece is unique, an heirloom quality sculpture of unrivaled beauty, designed by nature and perfected in the hands of a master artisan.” – Jewelry by 2222 West Louisville

Wearable Sculptures of Heirloom Quality: 

Iwood is proud to unveil exclusive collections of jewelry by 2222 West Louisville.  Designed by nature and perfected by our skilled artisans in West Louisville, these are wearable sculptures of precious and exotic woods.

Staying true to our tradition of sustainability, these unused micro-laminated veneers of precious woods are upcycled from the private aviation industry.  Each piece is bold and eye-catching, yet surprisingly lightweight; the same quality you love and expect from Iwood Ecodesign.

Who We Are:

While these precious woods are a valuable resource worth saving, we believe our most valuable resources are the people who comprise our family. Perfecting each piece by hand, our artisans are masters at their trade. Among them are the faces of refugees and people looking for an opportunity to use their innate skill. Each artisan puts their passion, story and rich heritage into every unique piece. When you wear a piece by 2222 West Louisville, you put on an heirloom and a piece of art. Gazing into the rich layers and grains of the world’s finest woods, you see the design of nature and the perfecting work of a true artisan.

Growing Opportunity in West Louisville:

Something is happening at our shop in West Louisville, and it’s called opportunity. Once known for vibrant industry and sprawling bourbon warehouses, West Louisville is a community experiencing a rebirth. The artisans at our shop are also looking to build a new life, developing their innate skills in a trade they are passionate about, while being compensated fairly for their focus and dedication. When you wear a piece by 2222 West Louisville, you are investing in opportunity and rewarding a true artist.